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The month of April is the fourth month in a calendar and it is from this month that summer begins. According to the Roman calendar, it was the second month of the year. Earlier it used to be a 30-day month. In 450 BCE it was declared as the fourth month in a calendar when January was declared as the first month and the beginning of the year. The month of April 2020 Calendar brings many holidays. Earth Day falls on 22 April.

All farmers believe that this month is best for planting plants, vegetables, and fruits. Many say that people born in April are naturally innocent. This month is also important for those who are into sports. April is the month in which all sports-related activities open.

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Let us tell you that in today’s time in Maldives April 1 is celebrated as New Year’s Day. Earlier, April was considered the first day of the year. But when the month of January was introduced in 1582, the month of January began to be considered as the first month of the year and till now January is considered the beginning of the year. But some believe that in some rural areas of the United States, these changes were not made and people still celebrate April 1 as the new year.


The month of April is also considered as the National Poetry Month. In this calendar, we have all the special events about the month of April. We can say that the month of April is the beginning of summer. We have many types of calendars for you. This calendar is available on my website. We have not charged any fee for this calendar. You can download this calendar very easily on my website. You can download a calendar in PDF, Word, Excel, etc. You can design this calendar yourself. April falls in this month.


April Fool is an interesting day that every person jokes with his friend. Daylight saving time starts at the beginning of the month. Days start getting bigger in April, people save energy in this month because we use the energy we have saved during the day for night energy, we all know that April 5 is Labor Day, which is the whole world. It is celebrated throughout the days of April, the government is made aware of the dangers of landmines. At the same time he is also told that he is as a citizen of this country, how can he have a safe and healthy life.


Governments have tried their best to clean these mines by machines. World Health Day is also celebrated every year on 7 April. Special programs are organized by many health organizations to help and guide people. As we know, health is wealth, so this day is specially celebrated to thank for a healthy life. Mark World Health Day on your calendar. So that you never forget this day. Every year on April 10, the government is observed to pay tribute to the founder of medicine, Homeopathy Methodist Christian Frederick Samuel Hauptmann.

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