Images December 2019 Printable Calendar

Printable December 2019 Calendar

Life is unpredictable, especially with children. You may not be able to avoid the chaos altogether, but with our essential time-saving tips, you can learn how much time you have and make the most of those precious minutes. December 2019 Printable Calendar Assess your time. Look closely at how you spend your time. Experts say that most people spend up to an hour a day on tasks that can be put on hold or eliminated from their schedule. Priority.

December 2019 Printable CalendarPrintable December 2019 Calendar

The key to the organization is knowing what the priority is and what can wait. Experts recommend that you divide your to-do list into three sections: those things that need to be taken care of immediately, those that can happen anytime during the week, and those that are long-term or ongoing projects. Look for ways to remove steps from a task or cut down on the amount of time you are preparing.December 2019 Printable Calendar

December 2019 Printable Calendar December 2019 Printable Calendar

For example, prepare as much as you can before going to sleep at night. Or set the table for the next meal with dishes unloaded from the dishwasher. Decide who you can live with and what gets under your skin. You may not be standing on a dirty floor, but you can live without a bed. Learn to consolidate jobs and work during downtime. Pay the bills or go to your child’s homework while sitting in the waiting room.December 2019 Printable Calendar December 2019 Printable Calendar December 2019 Printable Calendar

Get a phone headset so you can do other tasks while making a phone call. Whether it is sorting laundry, licking tickets, or picking up things, there are tasks that assistants can do as well as littlest. Hang a family wall calendar with your husband to keep track of everything from PTA meetings to movie dates to doctor visits. Post grocery list running on the fridge. Buy an erasable whiteboard and hang it in the kitchen to post lists and reminders. Pay bills online and automatically deduct them from your bank account.December 2019 Calendar Printable  December 2019 Printable Calendar  December 2019 Printable Calendar

Buy gifts from web sites and protect yourself from store congestion. Save time by researching items online before going to stores. This way you will know where you need to go and what you are getting. Put everything in its place. One of the biggest time-disasters is the search for lost items. Make sure that things are kept away after use so that they do not go anywhere when in a hurry. Put all the things of the same “subject” together in one place. Keep your children’s sports uniform in a drawer, or store the entire family’s rain gear in one place. Keep a good-sized basket in every room to store toys, books, videos, etc., one for each family member to store doors, backpacks, shoes, and whatever is with the person in the morning. Whenever you cook, always double (or triple) the recipe and freeze the extras. Also, use paper plates and plastic utensils when you are running late or eating something simple. Save good recipes for fancy food. Establish a schedule. It helps so that you can outline school times, meals, naps, chores and chores.

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