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Printable Calendar February 2020 February 2020 calendar

February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and its predecessor, the Julian calendar, and the only month that has fewer than 30 days. It was named after the Latin word februm, meaning purification because the month was a time of purification. February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and is the predecessor, the Julian calendar, and consists of 28 days in common and 29 days in a leap year. It was not present in the 10-month Roman calendar. Here We are providing the February 2020 Calendar Template to manage your daily schedule. This is the only month that can pass without a full moon. The same day as February week starts as of March and November in common years. During leap years, February begins on the same day of the week as of February. There will be a full seven-day week in the month of February, once every six years and once every 11 years, where the first day of the month begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

February 2020 Calendar Printable

2020 February Calendar Excel

Blank February 2020 Calendar Excel
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Before 613 BC the Roman calendar had only 10 months. At that time, both January and February were not part of the calendar. Both of these were added to the calendar in 713 BC. Previously, they were the last two months of the year. Then, around 450 BCE, January became the first month of the year and February became the second month of the year.

Sometimes in February, there were only 23–24 days in the Roman calendar. This was to make the calendar come true with the seasons. Later, several changes occurred during the Julian calendar reform, including the elimination of the extra month. A leap year was declared every fourth year. The leap year added the 29th day in February. February is 28 days as usual. To date, the entire world is following the same calendar.


Date Day Holiday
February 1 Saturday National Freedom Day 2020
February 2 Sunday Groundhog Day 2020
February 2 Sunday Super Bowl 2020
February 4 Tuesday Rosa Parks Day 2020
February 7 Friday National Wear Red Day 2020
February 10 Monday Tu Bishvat/Tu B’Shevat 2020
February 12 Wednesday Lincoln’s Birthday 2020
February 14 Friday Valentine’s Day 2020
February 14 Friday Statehood Day 2020
February 15 Saturday Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday 2020
February 16 Sunday Elizabeth Peratrovich Day 2020
February 17 Monday Presidents’ Day 2020
February 17 Monday Daisy Gatson Bates Day 2020
February 21 Friday Maha Shivaratri 2020
February 25 Tuesday Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras 2020
February 26 Wednesday Ash Wednesday 2020
February 28 Friday Linus Pauling Day 2020


Americans celebrate this day in honour of saints named Valentin. The origin of Valentine’s Day comes from Europe. British residents made it popular in North America in the nineteenth century. There are several stories that connect with various valentines on 14 February. But according to popular beliefs, the Saint Valentine of Rome was the one who inspired 14 February to be celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine performed weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry.

14 February is associated with Valentine’s Day in the 14th century. This was the time when courtly love was growing. It developed into a romantic occasion in 18th-century England. The lovers started celebrating this romantic occasion by sending flowers, confectionary and valentine greeting cards to each other. And then, it came to America in the 19th century. Today this day is made all over the world.


February is an interesting month. It has a combination of factors that make the month both interesting and enjoyable, while at the same time becoming difficult. This is usually a month to work on your personal goals as it is still the beginning of a new year. Valentine’s Day is particularly the main holiday that spices up the month.


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